What our customers say

  • My Clients love DeepHire

    DeepHire has made a world of difference in my business. My clients love recieving the DeepHire shortlist. I can tell they watch the videos as soon as I send over a candidate. Before we used DeepHire, it was difficult to get feedback from our clients about the candidates.

    Aron Hilgust

    Owner at Virtual Recruit.

  • DeepHire took me to the next level

    To be honest, I was a little unsure about the software at first, but after starting, the results were amazing! My clients love being able to see the videos of the candidates. It speeds up their decision making process. Because of DeepHire - when one of my clients has a new role, they reach out to me first.

    Matt Arching

    Partner at Digital Recruitment LLC

  • DeepHire helped me double my placement rate

    I can not express enough how valuable DeepHire has been. Since I started using Deephire, my placement rate has doubled. My clients & candidates view me as innovative. I get feedback from my clients faster. I'm getting more repeat business. My candidates say they like the tool as well.

    Petra Cristiana

    President at RemoteHire


What you can expect

Presenting your candidates with video makes you stand out from all other recruiters. This results in happy clients, repeat business, and more referrals.

Increase repeat business

Get more clients

Improve time to fill

Look innovative

Place more candidates


Impress your candidates and clients.


Some of our most loved features

Beautiful Presentations

The best way to present your candidate information. Show their resume, write-up, video interview, and any other docs you have all in one place.

Full Client Analytics

See everything your client does. Get notified when they view your candidates so you can follow-up in real-time.

Personalized Branding

Strengthen your company brand by using your own branding on your candidate presentations.


Simple for your clients, simple for you, simple for candidates. Clients can view your candidates at the click of a button.


The absolute easiest way to get videos of your candidates. They click on a link, and can immediately record their responses on any device or browser.

Customer Support

Full support for both you, and your candidates. Additionally, you will get a dedicated success coach to make sure you succeed.


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